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Commercial businesses and property are often at risk of attack, as targets of robbery or as potential threat against personnel and customers. Ballistic fiberglass panels are designed to mitigate harm caused by bullets from a rifle, handgun or shotgun, as well as provide effective delay against forced entry. Bullet-resistant fiberglass panels are the safest, most affordable, and efficient ballistic protection solution available for both new construction and remodeling projects. Concealed within walls, counters and desks, behind millwork or drywall, bullet-resistant fiberglass panels are the safest, most affordable, and efficient ballistic protection solutions available for both new construction and remodeling projects.


Exclusively available at Navco and more affordable than you might think. Turn your existing master bedroom, closet, bathroom, office or other room into a fortified high security saferoom thats bullet resistant, fire resistant and forced entry resistant. Feel the peace of mind knowing your valuables and loved ones will be safe and secure in any situation. With increasing violent crimes, gun violence and municipal cutbacks of police agencies a saferoom makes perfect sense. Your new saferoom will look just like any other room. All of the bullet resistant materials are hidden inside the wall. The saferoom door has many options to look similar to the other doors in the house.


AMICO Security Mesh sheets are steel mesh panels used as a penetration resistant shield behind drywall. It is easy to install for medium and maximum security. These sheets are to be attached with AMICO Secura Clips to metal or wood studs in walls, floors, and ceilings. Security Mesh is made by simultaneously slitting and stretching a solid sheet of steel making one continuous sheet that cannot unravel at the strands. AMICO Security Mesh is readily available in carbon or stainless steel.


Our safe room doors have many different styles and colors to choose from to blend in easily.
These Doors Defy Criminals With Tough Security Features That Deny Forced-Entry.

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Ballistics Fire Test Video

The video above is a live fire test, conducted by Navco Special Services. We tested a ballistic fiberglass wall section versus a regular wall. We use guns (AR-15, 35 REM, 12 Gauge, 45, 380, 22), fire, sledgehammers, etc. We then show the results.


Our security doors can withstand almost anything! Watch the video demonstration to learn more! Made by our supplier, Master Security Doors, this video will show you the ultimate security door.


On April 16, 2013 our nation was made aware of one of its most vulnerable targets for domestic terrorism…. the electric grid. We currently have a patent pending. designed to address such vulnerabilities.

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